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The Antique Collection is the ultimate in old world charm with its hand-crafted wood covers and artisan genuine leather spine - distinctive elements that combine beautifully to visually enhance your album.
Inside you’ll find Floricolor’s signature gutterless, lay-flat binding on your choice of archival-quality photo paper for stunning panoramic spreads.
The Antique Collection includes both album and box, available in two finishes. Choose from 5 genuine leathers for the spine and 12 design options for laser engraving.

Turnaround time:

12 working days


8 x 8
10 x 10
12 x 12
14 x 14

5.7 x 8
6 x 8
8 x 12
10 x 14
12 x 16

8 x 5.7
8 x 6
12 x 8
14 x 10
16 x 12



The colors and texture of the wood (Black and Oak) give to this collection an antique and rustic look. This feature is enhanced by the Genuine Leather used to make the cover’s spine. These materials are the perfect match for this Album. If you wish you can select one of designs available for this collection, to be engraved by laser on the cover.


Designs Laser Engraving

Design 02 Design 02 Design 02 Design 02 Design 02 Design 02 Design 02 Design 02 Design 02 Design 02 Design 02 Design 02


Genuine Leather

Note: Due to leathers manufacturing process small changes in texture and colour may occur.

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Images for photo paper products must come with 254 DPI, with color profile SRGB IEC 1966-2.1.








Papers / Lamination

Antique Collection are Lay-flat.
Maximum Number of Spreads: 40 (80 Pages)

Velvet paper significantly reduces the contrast and saturation, however it has an extremely soft touch.
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