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The Acrylic Folio and Acrylic Folio Triplex are synonymous with simplicity, elegance, and discretion.
They are versatile and charming products that allow the display of photographs in a unique and original way. Whether for decorating a living room, bedroom, or office, both are a sophisticated choice that adds a personal and artistic touch to the decor.
They are available in sizes: 2.8x4, 5x7, 6x8, 8x8, 8x12, 10x10, 10x14, 12x12 and 12x16. They offer the option of a Plain Cover in one of the more than 250 available materials.
Showcase your clients' favorite photos in an original and elegant way, in a Folio or Folio Triplex format. With Acrylic photos, your pictures get a touch of modernity and sophistication.
This product, designed to enhance your cross-selling power, is an extraordinary marketing tool. The new sizes of 2.8x4, 5x7, and 6x8 are easy to carry, fitting easily into a pocket. They are an added value for your customers to take anywhere and showcase it in a simple and effective way.

Turnaround time:

From 5 to 8 business days


8 x 8
10 x 10
12 x 12

2.8 x 4
5 x 7
6 x 8
8 x 12
10 x 14
12 x 16



Standard Materials

Luxury Materials

Premium Luxury Materials

Genuine Leather

This icon indicates that a material has been discontinued and will no longer be available when stock has run out.
Laser engraving is not possible on this material.
Note: Due to leathers manufacturing process small changes in texture and colour may occur.



Images must come with 254 DPI, with color profile sRGB IEC61966-2.1.

DOWNLOAD: Choose the size > Click with the right mouse button on the image > Select "Save image as..."  







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