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Fly Pages

Customized Fly Pages with different colours and patterns and in the same paper you choose for the core.

Customized Fly Pages


Blossom Collection by SteinArtStudio is a charming album and exquisite box that provides a captivating way to preserve treasured memories.
This collection is available in three sizes: 8x8, 10x10 and 12x12, offering a variety of options to suit your preferences.
On the album cover, a 3mm acrylic plate highlights an image of your choice, while the spine and back can be customized with a selection of high-quality materials, including leather, linen and volluto, allowing you to adapt it to your style and occasion.
The box, made from the same material selected for the album, is designed to delight your customers. With the option to include a picture inside, it becomes an even more captivating keepsake.

Turnaround time:

From 9 to 12 business days



The sizes available are: 8x8, 10x10x 12x12
Product printed in Photographic and Eco Friendly paper
Images must come with 254 DPI, with color profile sRGB IEC61966-2.1. and must all be numbered with 3 digits (001.jpg, 002.jpg, 003.jpg, ..., 009.jpg, 010.jpg, 011.jpg, ...).
The maximum number of spreads is 50 (100 pages).
Acrylic Cover with Luxury, Premium Luxury and Genuine Leather materials.
You can color the edges of the spreads of the album with different colors.
Customized Fly Pages in the same paper you choose for the core.
The design can be made directly on Floridesigner (FOS 3.0) before the ordering process, in Photoshop with the help of our templates or in softwares like Fundy or Smart Albums.
Soft Binding is available on this Product.
Blossom Collection is Lay-flat Lay flat photo books have a type of binding that allows the pages to stay open and remain completely flat.
The Parent Albums are available with this product.
Product subject to Sample Discount
From 9 to 12 business days
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8 x 8
10 x 10
12 x 12





The acrylic cover of the album gives a modern and elegant touch while allowing a unique personalisation.



Customized Gilding
You can now customize the Gilding area with a pattern, texture, image, etc. Make your album unique! Create your unique combination between the Gilding and the album cover. Customized to your liking by simply uploading your file!

To create a customized Gilding design, download the appropriate template for your album size and number of spreads.

Due to the elasticity of the Gilding material and its manual application, designs with text and linear elements may show slight distortions. Therefore, we do not recommend using these elements. Gilding's malleability makes it more suitable for natural-looking, fluid and irregular patterns, ensuring more aesthetically pleasing and precise results. Due to the printing technique used, slight colour deviations may occur. In addition to the possibility of printing your own design, we offer more than 100 standard design options.

You can also color the edges of the spreads of the album with different colors. This finishing is optional and has an additional cost. Create combinations, from luxury to fun, between the Gilding and the covers of your albums! The albums with Gilding have no headband.
The albums with Gilding have no headband.


Luxury Material

Premium Luxury Material

IC Material

Genuine Leather Material

This icon indicates that a material has been discontinued and will no longer be available when stock has run out.
Note: Due to leathers manufacturing process small changes in texture and colour may occur.

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Images must come with 254 DPI, with color profile sRGB IEC61966-2.1. and must all be numbered with 3 digits (001.jpg, 002.jpg, 003.jpg, ..., 009.jpg, 010.jpg, 011.jpg, ...).

BLOSSOM BOX (Photo Inside)
DOWNLOAD: Choose the size > Click with the right mouse button on the image > Select "Save image as..."  







Papers / Lamination

Maximum Number of Spreads: 50 (100 Pages)

By purchasing products with this symbol you are contributing to the preservation of the environment.
All products printed on Fujifilm Jet Press 750S are accompanied by an environmentally
friendly warranty certificate. READ MORE


The personalisation of the Box cover changes according to the material chosen. It can be: Plain (on Luxury, Premium Luxury, IC and Genuine Leather materials); with UV printing (on IC materials); with Laser engraving (on Lunak and Volluto materials) and with Embossing on IC materials.
For Laser Engraving or UV Printing we have a few designs available that can be customized by changing the names and dates. You can select one of our 77 designs or send your own custom design in vector format (.ai, .eps or .pdf).

Customized Embossing
Highlight the uniqueness of your box with our new customized embossing service. Send us the desired design and deliver an exclusive box to your clients. The available sizes for the embossing plate are: 3x3" - 4x4" - 6x6". The custom embossing will be centered on the card of the album's cover. You should send a vectorized file in .ai or .eps format and avoid very small details and overly complex designs. Opt for simple, well-aligned elements for impactful results.

IC Material

Volluto Material



The box in the same material as the album and with the option of a photo inside will delight your customers.


Wood Frame

The Box is produced with wood of 2cm and the cover, with 90º opening, will be made with the same cover model chosen for the Album. It's available in white, Wengue (Black) or Natural color.


The base and cover of this box are hold together by 4 magnets concealed in it’s structure. This two pieces may vary in thickness: 2, 3 or 4cm.
According to the number of spreads of the Album the Box may have a total height of 4, 6 or 8 cm.

Depending on the number of spreads of the album, the thickness of the box may be:

4cm for Albums till 27 spreads (54 pages)
6cm for Albums till 37 spreads (74 pages)
8cm for Albums till 50 spreads (100 pages)



Materials / Finishing

Designs UV Printing

Designs Laser Engraving

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