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Boudoir Portfolio Box

Portfolio box cover options include the Standard or Luxury Cover Materials. Optional upgrades include Genuine Leather cover or personalized Acrylic photo cover for ultimate impact.


"Do you want to value prints offered on Boudoir Sessions?
Boudoir Portfolio is the right choice. It consists of 10 Boudoir Portfolio Prints with a thickness of 0,04” and a Boudoir Portfolio Box. You can order a maximum of 25 Boudoir Portfolio Prints and choose between Gesso and Sirio Polar Fine Art Papers or Lustre Paper with UV varnish. You can still give a personal touch to your Prints by customizing them with your logo on the back side. The Boudoir Portfolio Box can be Plain with different materials or Acrylic, always with black wood.
This product is only available on 8x12”.

Turnaround time:

From 7 to 10 business days

Standard Materials

Luxury Materials

Genuine Leather

This icon indicates that a material has been discontinued and will no longer be available when stock has run out.
Note: Due to the manufacturing process of the cover materials, small changes in color and texture may occur.

Back Print Option

You can choose to customize the back of the Boudoir Portfolio Prints with your logo or signature. For this, we suggest you download our templates. The printing on the back is always in Fine Art paper Sirio Polar, whatever you have chosen for the forward.





Images for Photo Paper products must come with 254 DPI, with color profile SRGB IEC 1966-2.1.
Images for Fine Art Paper products must come with 300 DPI, with color profile SRGB IEC 1966-2.1.

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