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In 2019 Floricolor celebrates 40 years of existence and to mark this date we decided to make the biggest investment in our history! The acquisition of Fujifilm JetPress 750s is in line with our primary goal of ensuring the best print quality on the market.

Floricolor is a Portuguese Photo Lab of reference in Europe and the World, exporting to around 50 countries and with strong representation in the US. Its global dimension makes Floricolor one of the largest European players in the professional market. At the service of professional photographers since 1979, Floricolor now has 10.000sqm of state-of-the-art facilities and approximately 90 employees. One of the evidences of the continuous investment in last generation equipment is the recent acquisition of the Fujifilm JetPress 750S, the first of its kind in Europe. This equipment represents the biggest investment of Floricolor's history!

The company has been awarded since 2012 as "PME Líder" and "PME Excelência", status that reflects it's sustained growth. We believe seriously on education and we have several workshops scheduled with renown photographers.

Our experience has revealed that we are on the right track. We were able to conquer Europe facing different languages and cultures and adapting ourselves and our products to their particular needs - we have been very successful!




Values & Mission


Ethics and Trust
Our commitment is based on the creation of economic value based on principles of ethics and sustainable development, always thinking in a sustained long-term horizon and loyalty with our business partners.

People at the heart of our success
Our employees are the cornerstone of our success. Only through continuous commitment in training to develop skills and competencies of each one led us to where we are and make us capable of meeting the constant challenges of the global world today's extremely competitive.

The continuous setting goals that stimulate and challenge our skills allow us to meet the market demands each time more and better.

Innovation is the essence and origin of our business. The investments in the latest technologies as well as internal R & D allow us to fulfil our maxim Highest Quality at a Fair Price.

Social Responsibility
We have an active sense of social responsibility to contribute to the betterment of society in which we operate. The strong environmental concerns and development of human knowledge are reflected in the many partnerships we have with various institutions of our location.

Speed ​​and Efficiency
These are values ​​intrinsic to all employees and one of the cornerstones of our internal philosophy. Produce fast, well and inexpensively, making the most of our resources and avoiding waste is the key to achieving our maxim.


To produce and provide the highest album quality so that your clients can relive the best moments of their lives for generations to come.


It is part of our goals to reduce the environmental footprint, improving the production process and making it progressively more environmentally friendly.

In 2018 we developed a new packaging solution to ship our products. This solution, which is in the process of patenting, has resulted in a reduction in the use of plastic by about 90%.

In 2022 we intend to continue to reduce the environmental footprint. By printing an album on photographic paper, we generate about 1 liter of chemicals with heavy metals, as is the case of silver.

With JetPress 750S inkjet printing, we not only have superior quality printing technology but we are also a lot more friendly to the environment. The inkjet printing technology does not use the chemical process of photographic development.

The use of this symbol certifies Floricolor's commitment to environmental responsibility and represents an environmentally friendly production process.

The paper used during the production of the products, represented with this symbol, comes from ecologically managed forests and has the FSC® warranty seal.

During the printing process, that is done using aqueous based inks, no chemicals or heavy materials are used.

We have achieved a cleaner production process, with less energy use and that generates not only smaller amounts of waste but waste with less environmental impact.

Floricolor takes environmental issues very seriously and the sustainability of the environment is a daily concern.
By purchasing products with this symbol you are contributing to the preservation of the environment.


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