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Always with black cardboard.


Fusion Book - Perfect Combination...
How often have you felt limited by the number of spreads, weight and cost of your digital albums when you are designing events with lots of images? With Fusion Book, you will no longer have this problem. Now you can design up to 300 pages in one book 8x8, 11.4x8.3, 8.3x11.4, 12x12, 12x16 and 16x12, without incurring more volume, weight and handling care. The Book Fusion successfully combines all these elements...
Photographers who asked to try this product recommend and advise especially for photographic works which demand quick and simple design: one image per page over white background. Can thus become a clear and pleasant "reading", free of heavy colored backgrounds which become tiresome over hundreds of pages. For better storage, you can still pick a Floribox to match.

How to choose the thickness of the Floribox: Thickness of 1.18 in for Fusion Books until 100 spreads (200 pages). Thickness of 2.36 in for Fusion Books from 101 until 150 spreads (300 pages).

Turnaround time:

7 working days


8 x 8
12 x 12

8.3 x 11.4
12 x 16

11.4 x 8.3
16 x 12



Cover can be Customized, Plain (with IC materials) or with embossing.


Materials Linen

Note: Due to the manufacturing process of the cover materials, small changes in color and texture may occur.

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Images for Fine Art Paper products must come with 300 DPI, with color profile SRGB IEC 1966-2.1.








Papers / Lamination

The Fusion Book is printed on Fine Art paper ePhoto 190grs or Fine Art paper Soho 200grs with the first page on vegetal paper.
Maximum Number of Spreads: 150 (300 Pages)

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