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Settle your albums with a touch of elegance and personal detail.
Use your brand or logo printed with varnish on a silver or golden metal plate, 2.8 x 1.4". The Objet D’Art is discret and elegant but not indifferent to who observes and enjoys your photography. You can order Objet D’art together with your Album or if you prefer you can order 20 personalized plates, ready to apply so you use it yourself in your albums our other products. If you order 20 plates at once you will benefit of a 50% discount.You will also receive an applicator/edge stop for easily attach the plate with accuracy and precision.

Turnaround time:

From 9 to 12 business days

Available Colors

Please note that printing with varnish is only possible if you send the file in vector format (AI, EPS,...).







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