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Fly Pages

White, on Fine Art Couché Paper, 150grs.

Note: On FOS you must choose how you want the first page of the Promo Pocket Book, with printing or without printing.


Do you want to increase your sales? We've got the solution!
This product is the most inexpensive and innovative solution to promote your business. Use the Promo Pocket Books to disclose your Prices, Services, Portfolio and Partnerships. This product can be purchased in multiples of one hundred.

Turnaround time:

7 working days


6 x 4





Couche 300gsm with glossy film lamination


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Images for Fine Art paper products must come with 300 DPI, with color profile SRGB IEC 1966-2.1.








Papers / Lamination

Maximum Number of Spreads: 8 (16 Pages)
Paper: Couche 150gsm

How to order








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